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Bullet-type Fender Mirror Pair, TEX
Price: $95.00
Item #: RM01037 -

This is a pair of original TEX bullet-type fender mirrors. They are in perfect original condition in the original boxes, made in England by the TEX company. These mirrors are priced at about the same as a pair of Asian reproductions, but they are the real thing. We have one pair only at this price.

Engine Hardware Kit, New
Price: $110.00

This kit includes all the chrome acorn nuts and correct washers for the cylinder head and cam cover of an XK engine. That is, all 6-cylinder Jaguars made from 1950 through about 1985, when the venerable classic XK engine was replaced by a newer model. The XK engine was truly a thing of beauty with polished double overhead cam covers and chrome acorn nuts and washers to cap off the head studs. This kit will replace all the old, rusty acorn nuts and washers and really cap off a nicely restored...

Jaguar Mark 2 Radiator Shroud, Original
Price: $99.00
Item #: RM01221 -

This is a good original used cooling fan shroud for a Jaguar Mark 2 or MK II 3.4 or 3.8 (the 2.4 used a different shroud). It is in good condition for its age, no broken pieces or cracks although the fiberglass is a little ragged around the edges.

Jaguar Toolkit Screwdriver, 3-Piece
Price: $29.00
Item #: Jag Screwdriver -

This is a brand new reproduction Jaguar three-piece screwdriver, nicely made and correctly marked JAGUAR on the handle. It's the right one for E-type, XKE, Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark VIII and IX, S-type, and XK140 and XK150. These cars originally came with this type screwdriver as part of the toolkit, but most have long been lost. They have not been made for a long time. This is the same screwdriver that is being sold by other suppliers, only cheaper.

Lucas 608 Day-Night Mirror, Jaguar Mark X, Original
Price: $95.00
Item #: 608 Mk X -

Here is a nice original used interior mirror from a Mark X or 420G Jaguar. It has a fixed base, unlike the swivelling, adjustable base of the more common 608 mirrors used on Jaguar Mark 2 cars.This type of mirror was used on classic Minis for rally applications as well as Ford GT40.This one has slight patina on the edges but is quite usable.

Nitrophyl Float, SU Carburetor
Price: $22.50
Item #: RM01042 -

SU carburetors, like all older carburetors, sometimes suffer from leaks in the floats. When this happens, the float fills with petrol and fails to shut off the fuel properly, resulting in a rich mixture, flooding, poor running, and sometimes a fire in the engine compartment. It is not easy to diagnose a leaky float without dismantling the carburetor float chamber.Here is the solution to float chamber flooding once and for all. It's a nitrophyl float, which will never leak or fail to perform...

NOS AC Jaguar Fuel FIlter
Price: $55.00
Item #: RM01204 -

This is a new old stock original fuel filter, correct for most classic Jaguars, including Mark I, 2, VII, VIII, IX< X, 3.4S, 3.8S, 420, E-type, 240, 340 and others. It is also the right filter for other cars, although we do not have a list of those available. This assembly is brand new, perfect in every way and ready to bolt on and use.

NOS Lucas reverse or overdrive switch
Price: $53.00
Item #: 14-910-8 -

NOS Lucas 34460 reverse lamp/ overdrive interlock switch. This is equivalent to the Moss Motors 140-470 or 141-100 except that is an original old stock part made in England in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It fits most Jaguars, Austin-Healey 100, 100-6 and 3000, Triumph TR4, TR250, TR6, TR5, MGB, MGC, and many, many other British cars.

NOS Smiths Speedometer Jaguar XK150, SN6364/06
Price: $395.00
Item #: Jaguar XK150 Speedo 6364/06 -

This is an excellent secondhand original speedometer for a Jaguar XK150. The face is in excellent condition, and the casing is clean and corrosion-free. The mileage shown is 00000, and there appears to be a small cardboard plug in one of the light holes, so we suspect this is an NOS unit, stored for decades. The needle moves but is sticky, so this speedometer needs a good cleaning.We have LOTS of MG gauges for Jaguars and many other British cars and will be listing them periodically. Some of...

NOS Smiths Tachometer, Jaguar XK150, Mark I
Price: $395.00
Item #: Jaguar XK150 Rev Counter -

This rare new old stock Jaguar XK150 or Mark I 2.4 or 3.4 tachometer or revolution counter is in perfect original condition, never fitted to a car. We do not have the original box, but the condition of this gauge shows it is NOS and ready to use.We have many other Jaguar speedometers and other gauges, in case this isn't exactly what you need. Please contact us with your needs and we will try to help.

Pair Red Safeguard Seatbelts
Price: $100.00
Item #: RM01119 -

Nice pair of original seatbelts from an MGB, these will fit any car, but would look best in a car of the 1950s or 1960s, we think. In excellent condition.

Smiths Speedometer, Jaguar 420G Manual Overdrive Original
Price: $100.00
Item #: 420G Speedo -

This rare Jaguar 420G speedo is in excellent condition, with a clean face and body and nice bezel and glass. This instrument came from a car with manual overdrive gearbox and a 3.77:1 rear axle ratio, a rare car indeed. We are not sure which other Jaguar models the gauge will fit; probably a 420 or Mark X with overdrive? It is the standard gauge size for Jaguars of the 1960s.We have many other Jaguar speedometers and other gauges, in case this isn't exactly what you need. Please contact us...