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Brake Tool 1/4"+ 5/16", New
Price: $15.00

Brake adjusting spanner for all cars using 1/4" or 5/16" square adjusters. This includes cars with Girling brakes, such as MG Midget, MGB, Austin-Healey Sprite, 100 and 3000, Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR6, Volvo 122S Amazon. This is a new wrench.  The manufacturer depends on what we can find.  Sometimes Draper, but not always.

Dunlop Brake Bleeder Tin, New
Retail: $30.00
Price: $27.00
Item #: RM00505 -

This is a new and perfect Dunlop brake bleeder tube and tin for a Jaguar E-type or XKE Series I, Mark I, Mark 2, 240, 340, XK150, or any Jaguar with Dunlop disc brakes. These cars originally came with these tins as part of the original toolkit, but most have long been lost.

Dunlop No. 6 Tire Gauge, NOS
Price: $65.00
Item #: RM00463 -

The Dunlop Model 6 tire gauge was a popular motoring accessory in England in the 1950s through 1970s. It was similar to the Model 6J, which was used in earlier Jaguar tool kits (the 6J did not have a tire valve extractor, which screwed into the end of the indicator rod) and will fit in a Jaguar kit exactly. The Model 6 was original equipment on Rovers and many other cars. This one is in unused original condition overall, although the original metal tube is pretty battered! The gauge itself is...

Dunlop Tire Irons Pair, New
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM00499 -

These are very good quality new reproduction tyre irons, as used in the tool kits of many British cars, including most 1950s Jaguars, MGs, Austin-Healeys, as well as many other quality cars. They are nicely made steel, finished in black as original, and stamped DUNLOP MADE IN ENGLAND. The price is for ONE PAIR of tyre irons. We also sell original type distributor tools, feeler gauges, tyre valve core extractors, as well as many styles and types of original secondhand tools for tool kits of...

Girling Brake Bleeder Tin, New
Retail: $30.00
Price: $27.00
Item #: RM00491 -

This is an excellent reproduction of the Girling brake bleeder tin which was originally fitted to Jaguar E-type Series I 4.2, Series II and Series III cars, 1965-1974. It's also correct for Jaguar 420, 3.4S, 3.8S, later Daimlers, and other cars which used Girling hydraulic components. It comes complete with an authentic piece of rubber tubing inside, identical to the original item.

Hubcap Tool for British Cars
Price: $8.25
Item #: RM01017 -

New reproduction hubcap and headlamp rim tool, correct for many Triumph and Land Rover models. This tool is sold for MGA, MGB, MG TD, TF, Midget, Austin-Healey and Sprite, although it is not an exact match for the original BMC tool.One end is used for removal of hubcaps and the other, hooked end, for prying off headlamp rims.

Jack Bag, Jaguar E-type
Price: $41.00
Item #: RM01100 -

Jack Ratchet Handle, Jaguar XK, Saloons; Triumph TR2, TR3, New
Price: $49.00
Item #: C2954 -

This is a new reproduction jack ratchet handle, replacement for the original King Dick or SJS (Smiths Jacking System) ratchet which came with the cars. It does not carry a brand name, but it's nicely made and works as the original would.Some vehicles this fits: Jaguar XK120 XK140 XK150 Mark I Mark 2Triumph TR2 TR3

Jack, Austin-Healey Sprite; MG Midget, MGB, Original
Price: $50.00
Item #: RM00476 -

This is a very good original jack from an MG Midget, probably from the 1970s. Earlier cars had the same jack but it was painted bright orange-red. We have several of those in stock as well.This jack does not include a ratchet handle.We have many other jacks and original tools for British cars. Please contact us for details.

Jack, Sunbeam Alpine, Tiger, Original
Price: $100.00
Item #: Sunbeam Jack -

This is a very nice original jack from a Sunbeam Alpine or Tiger. It is in good, clean condition and works well. This jack does not include a ratchet handle. We have many other jacks and original tools for British cars. Please contact us for details.

Jaguar "Wings" Tyre Gauge
Price: $62.00
Item #: RM01197 -

Jaguars made in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s came with high quality tool kits, and one of the components of these kits was a tyre pressure gauge. There were several types of gauge used in these kits, most notably a non-branded gauge with JAGUAR "wings" logo and a Dunlop 6J ("J" was for "Jaguar," and the 6J was ONLY used in Jaguar tool kits). The "wings" logo gauge was used on many classic Jaguar saloons, as well as many 4.2 E-types.This is an excellent modern, UK-made gauge with WINGS logo but...

Jaguar E-type 4.2 Series I Toolkit, Complete and Correct
Price: $1,650.00
Item #: E-Type S I Tool kit 9-2020 -

Classic Jaguars came equipped with nice tool kits from the factory. This one is for a Jaguar E-type (or XKE) Series I, from about 1962 through 1968. It is 100 percent complete and correct, with all original tools except for the nesting box spanners, which are quality-made reproductions, and the tool roll itself, which is a modern reproduction, nicely made with authentic dimensions and correct light-colored interior.The tools consist of JAGUAR-marked Garringtons adjustable spanner,...