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Silverline Whitworth Spanner Set
Price: $60.00
Item #: RM01159 -

We have just a few sets of these highly polished Whitworth combination-end wrenches. They are very similar to our budget-priced set but the finish is far nicer, and they come with the Silverline brand name and a lifetime guarantee.Drop forged.

Spare Wheel Clamp, Morris Minor, Original
Price: $30.00
Item #: RM00409 -

This is a used original clamp for the spare wheel of a Morris Minor. It probably fits other BMC cars as well, but we're not sure about that. It is in overall pretty good shape, although the end is a bit raggedy from rust (could be cleaned up with a grinder to make the edge nice) and it does need sanding and painting.

SU Carburetor Toolkit/ Tool Kit, New
Retail: $22.00
Price: $20.00
Item #: RM00482 -

This is a good reproduction of a kit which was made in the 1960s and 1970s to adjust, tune and synchronize SU carburetors. We have a set of these and use them often. Well, as often as we bother to tune the SU's, that is, which isn't as often as we should.....Includes a jet wrench, instruction booklet and enough special carb tools to balance two or three carburetors.

Tecalemit 2787 Grease Gun, Austin-Healey; MG TD, TF, MGA, Original
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00478 -

This is a good secondhand Tecalemit 2787 grease gun, correct for MG TD, TF, MGA, early Austin-Healey, and probably other models.It's in good shape and may contain some original English grease.

Tecalemit 2788 Grease Gun, Jaguar XK120 XK140 Mark VII Original
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00479 -

This is a good secondhand Tecalemit 2788 grease gun, correct for Jaguar XK120 XK140, Mark VII, and probably other British cars.It's in good shape and may contain some original English grease.

Tecalemit 2802 Grease Gun, Austin-Healey; Triumph, Original
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00483 -

The Tecalemit 2802 grease gun, also sometimes referred to as an "oil gun," was fitted to some MGA and AC Cobra tool kits, and may have been used on Triumphs and Austin-Healeys of the 1950s and early 1960s. This one is in good condition.

Tecalemit 3020 Grease Gun, Jaguar, Original
Price: $35.00
Item #: 3020 -

This is a very nice used grease gun, correct for Jaguar XK150, XKE, E-type, Mark 2, Mark IX and X, S-type, Daimler 2 1/2 and other Jaguars of the 1960s and late 1950s. It is in very good original condition.

Tecalemit 3021 Blue Dot Grease Gun, Jaguar, Original Jaguar grease gun
Price: $40.00
Item #: RM00498 -

This is a very nice used grease gun, catalogue no. G.C. 3021, correct for Jaguar XK120 and XK140, some Rovers and other quality British cars of the 1950s. It is in very good original condition.

Thor 1-lb Copper Hammer, New
Retail: $55.00
Price: $50.00
Item #: 386-000 -

The correct 1-lb. copper hammers are still manufactured by Thor in England. These are the right tool for MGAs, TR3s, Morgans, and big Healeys.We also sell Thor 2-lb hammers, correct for Jaguars, and plywood and steel knock off wrenches to protect your shiny knock off spinners from denting when this fine hammer is applied; see Related Products below.

Thor 2-lb Knockoff Hammer, New
Retail: $57.00
Price: $55.00
Item #: C992 -

All Jaguars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970 with wire wheels came with a Thor 2-lb. copper and rawhide hammer for the wire wheel knockoffs. This is the correct one for an XK120, XK140, XK150, Mark I, Mark II, E-type, XKE, Mark VIII, Mark IX, Mark X, 240, 340, S-type 2.4 and 3.8, and most Daimlers.It's in new, perfect condition, 100 percent concours correct and made by the original manufacturer in England, exactly as original.We also have copper 1-lb hammers and plywood and steel knock off...

Tire Gauge, Jaguar, Rover, Original
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00477 -

This lovely little tyre gauge will fit your vintage Jaguar or Rover tool box or roll perfectly. It is a generic, unlabelled gauge, marked only MADE IN ENGLAND but it's the right size and shape for a Jag or Rover kit. It's also a lot less money than the correct gauge.This one is pretty much identical to a Dunlop 6J apart from the Dunlop logo. It's 4 1/2 inches long.We do sell Jaguar tyre gauges, both Dunlop 6 and 6J and the style with JAGUAR and the wings logo, in case you want one of those....

Tool Roll, Jaguar XK140, XK150, E-type/XKE, New Vinyl tool roll
Price: $149.00
Item #: RM01206 -

High quality reproduction of the original vinyl tool roll for your XK140, 150 or E-type. This is beautifully made, with the correct leather strap and buckle, and all the pockets properly sized, with correct off-white lining. This is from a supplier that is new to us, but the product is excellent. Our previous supplier no longer makes tool rolls for Jaguars. Jaguar PN C5578.