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Cigar Lighter, Jaguar XK120 140 150 New
Price: $55.00
Item #: RM01214 -

New reproduction complete cigar or cigarette lighter for Jaguar XK120, 140, 150, and Mark I, Mark VII, VIII and IX cars. It;s a repro, and not perfect but it definitely looks the part and functions as a lighter should.We occasionally have used original lighters in stock as well, and usually have good original cigar lighters for Jaguars of the 1960s and 1970s on the shelf.

Cigar Lighter, Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150, Mark I, VII, VIII, IX, Original
Price: $100.00
Item #: RM00448 -

This is the larger diameter style cigar lighter, suitable for Jaguars of the 1950s, in very good condition.The photos show a representative part, but we have more than one.

Jaguar E-type 3.8 Alloy Cover Voltage Regulator RB.310, Rare!
Price: $395.00
Item #: RB.310 4-60 E-type -

Very early 3.8 E-type Jaguars used this type regulator, the alloy cover RB.310 with Lucar spade terminals. The RB.310 is a rare beast, but ones with spade terminals are very hard to find indeed. This one is in good used condition, although it has not been tested. The internal parts look like new and the cover is free of any major dents or gouges. It carries a date stamp of 4-60, which might be considered correct for an early E-type, which entered production in late 1960. We have numerous Lucas...

Lucas 2-Fuse Block/Fusebox, NOS
Price: $60.00
Item #: RM00652 -

This is a complete new old stock (NOS) Lucas 2-fuse fuse box for most British sports cars of the 1950s and early 1960s. It is the right part for Triumph TR2, TR3 and 3A, Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I and Mk II, 100-4, 100-6, MG TD (late), TF, MGA, Midget Mark I, and probably many others. We have a very limited supply of these original bakelite fuse blocks, most with original Lucas fuses (some have no fuses). They are in unused, perfect condition, and all are date stamped 1959. When these are gone,...

Lucas 2-fuse Fusebox, Fuse Block
Retail: $19.00
Price: $17.00
Item #: RM00646 -

The is a two-fuse fuse block or fuse box with screw terminals.It is correct for a variety of cars, including Jaguar XK140, XK150, later MG TD (from c8142), MG TF, MGA, Bugeye Sprite, Sprite MK I and II, Midget MK 1, TR3, TR3, early TR3A (to TS6000)0, and Austin Healey BN1 - BJ7.It is a nicely made reproduction part. We have a limited stock of NOS ones as well; see related listing below.

Lucas 4FJ 2-Fuse Fusebox, New
Price: $21.00
Item #: RM01055 -

This is new genuine Lucas 4FJ, 2-fuse box, imported from England. It is correct for early MGB, MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite, Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8, Volvo P1800, Mini, Triumph TR3A, TR4 and TR4A, and many other popular British cars of the 1960s.Lucas part no. 54038068.We sell several other fuse boxes; see Related Products below.

Lucas 7FJ 4-Fuse Fusebox, New
Price: $15.00
Item #: 7FJ New -

This is a genuine Lucas 7FJ 4-fuse fusebox, imported from England. It is correct for many British cars from the 1970's.We carry a number of other fuseboxes and fuse blocks; see Related Products below.

Lucas FL5 35020 Flasher Unit, Push-on Terminals, NOS
Price: $100.00
Item #: NOS FL5 -

This is a new old stock (NOS) flasher unit, 42W, correct for almost every old British car from about 1945 to 1980 or so. They are genuine Lucas, all made in the 1960s or 1970s and come with the original box or blister-pack display. Guaranteed to work unless you drop them! These are perfect for the concours restoration, and have all the correct lettering etched on the housing.  If you need a particular date stamp, please contact us and we will see if we can supply it. These were used...

Lucas FL8 Flasher Unit, NOS
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00649 -

We have a very limited stock of these new old stock (NOS) Lucas 8 FL flasher units in the original packaging. Packaging varies a little. This is a brand new item, 40+ years old, never out of its original package. Guaranteed to work.

Lucas Panel, Heater Fan Rheostat, Land Rover 78401; MGA, MGB; Mini, New OUT OF STOCK
Price: $65.00
Item #: RM00647 -

This is a new old stock rheostat, made in January, 1963 in the Lucas factory. It's unused in its wonderful old Lucas box, excellent apart from some sort of bloom that has begun on the insulator black, as the pictures show. It still works perfectly. This will work with MGA, MGB, Mini, Land-Rover or any application where a variable current flow is required.OUT OF STOCK BUT WE MAY HAVE MORE IN THE FUTURE

Lucas SF4 Fusebox, New
Price: $125.00
Item #: SF4-Lucas -

This is a new Lucas SF4 Fusebox, correct for Jaguar XK120 and many other cars of the 1950s. This fusebox will also fit XK140, XK150, Mark VII, Mark VIII and Mark IX but these models do not need the top cover. We sell the fusebox without the cover for $75, and covers alone for $50. This is a correct, perfectly made part, made in England on the original Lucas tooling. Some say Lucas, others have a Lucas lion. We also have NOS and unmarked new SF4 fuseboxes; see Related Products below or contact...

Lucas SF5 Fusebox, NOS
Price: $60.00
Item #: RM00648 -

This rare fusebox holds a single fuse. It's the correct part for many British cars of the 1940s and 1950s, including Land-Rover Series I, Alvis, Riley, Rover and others.This is a new old stock part, brand new and never fitted to a car. It could be used as an auxiliary fuse for fog or spotlamps, a radio, or just to cover a circuit that the factory didn't bother to protect with a fuse at all (lots of British cars, such as Jaguar Mark I and 2 and MGAs, had no fuse at all for the headlamps,...