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Picnic Set, Blue China, Original
Price: $150.00
Item #: RM00462 -

This is an attractive 4-place picnic set with blue floral Staffordshire china plates and cups. The china and flatware appear to be original, but the sandwich boxes are slightly too large for the space and therefore probably replacements. Also, the capacious vacuum flask has a mismatched cap, and one of the small bottles is slightly different from the other two. In spite of these alterations, the set is complete, well-matched and charming.

Sirram Electric Car Kettle, 1950s or 60s, NOS
Price: $139.00
Item #: Sirram kettle NOS -

This is a fine, unusual motoring accessory: a kettle to make tea in your motorcar! The English are fond of tea, and this device allows one to have a brew-up while in the car, say during a rainy picnic outing, for example. The pictures show a representative sample.  It is made by Sirram, the picnic set makers, probably in the 1960s or late 1950s, and is still new in the box, having never been used.  It comes with cable, infuser and inner cover.  It is in excellent original...