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1958 Jaguar Mark VIII Saloon Project
Price: $2,800.00
Item #: RM01194 -

1960 Jaguar Mark 2 Saloon Project
Price: $5,900.00
Item #: 60 Jaguar Mk 2 -

This is a great project consisting of two Jaguar Mark 2 cars with the late type manual overdrive gearbox and wire wheels. The 3.8 body is extremely solid, with new front fenders, sills, jacking points, floor repairs and lots of other metalwork that was done properly, although the inner sills were not replaced and must be done, along with some work to the rear spring hangers. These are not badly rusted but they will need some reinforcing. A new pair comes with the project. The body looks good,...

1976 MGB Roadster, Orange
Price: $5,000.00
Item #: JASON -

This is a customer's 1976 MGB roadster. It's in generally very good shape, with an extremely solid body and a new top. It runs and drives great. This car is equipped with a downdraft Weber carburetor, a fine upgrade over the original Zenith-Stromberg unit. The paint is decent, fine for a driver, and the car is ready for a fun summer or a winter project to freshen up the cosmetics.MGBs have been on the rise lately, so this is a good time to pick one up. This is a good one without the usual rust...

1978 MGB Roadster, Green
Price: $6,000.00
Item #: Green 78 MGB -

This is a very clean and original 1978 MGB roadster. It has good paint, a new top, front suspension, clutch, brakes, hoses and fan belt and many other new parts. We bought it with a blown engine and installed a good running engine from a 1980 MGB. We did some minor paintwork, installed a new top and went through the car, replacing anything that appeared worn or deteriorated. The car is an excellent original MG, with most of its original paint intact. The passenger's floorpan was replaced...

Ford Model A Rumble Seat Brackets
Price: $27.50
Item #: RM01101 -

These came with a collection of other Model A parts. They appear to be unused reproduction items, certainly in good shape. We do have a Model A but not many parts for sale, sadly.