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SU carburetors, like all older carburetors, sometimes suffer from leaks in the floats. When this happens, the float fills with petrol and fails to shut off the fuel properly, resulting in a rich mixture, flooding, poor running, and sometimes a fire in the engine compartment. It is not easy to diagnose a leaky float without dismantling the carburetor float chamber.

Here is the solution to float chamber flooding once and for all. It's a nitrophyl float, which will never leak or fail to perform the way it should. This part fits all SU H and HD series carburetors, including those fitted to Jaguar XK120, 140, 150, E-types with three SU carbs, Mark I, II, VII, VIII, IX and X, 3.4S. 3.8S and 420, MG T-series cars, MGA, Austin-Healey (most models), Triumph TR2, TR3, some TR4s, Morris Minors with H-type carb, and many, many other cars. If you're not sure if this float will fit your car, email or call us and we'll help you figure that out.

Floats are sold individually, as you car may have one, two, or three carburetors.

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