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All Jaguar XK models used a dash support structure to tie the dash area to the sills. Shaped more or less like a cricket wicket, it is made of steel channel. Typically, the bottom few inches of this structure rusts and becomes separated from the sill, but the upper portions are normally protected from the elements and therefore escape serious corrosion damage. Some of the original pieces will have welded nuts, which are not
included with this replacement part, but it is unusual for the area with
welded nuts to be so damaged it cannot be re-used.

This is a 4-foot (4') cowl reinforcement hat section of 16-gauge channel, used to repair the dash support structure of XK120, XK140 and XK150. It is also used as the hinge pillar/A-post repair on some models.  Also available as two 2' sections for the same price.

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