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Austin Healey Sprite, MG Midget Rear Bumper, Original
Price: $125.00

Solid and straight rear bumper from 1961-69 MG Midget or Austin-Healey Sprite. Fine for a driver or for rechroming, but the chrome is dull. Brackets and overriders included, as the picture shows.The price includes a $25 crating fee, which will be refunded if we don't have to pack the bumper to be shipped.

Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget Tachometer
Price: $150.00
Item #: RM01084 -

This is a nice used tachometer for an Austin-Healey Sprite, 1958 or MG Midget, 1958 through 1963, all cars with 948cc engines. It is in good cosmetic condition, clean with nice face, glass and chrome rim. The needle moves freely.We do not guarantee that this is a working unit. As with most of our used gauges, it may require rebuilding to perform at its best, but it may be fine to use as it is. The choice is yours.

Austin_Healey Sprite, MG Midget Bonnet Hinge Pair, Original
Price: $85.00
Item #: S/M bonnet hinges -

This is a very nice, straight and decent pair of bonnet or hood hinges for an Austin-Healey Sprite or MG Midget from 1958 through 1968 (in 1969 the design changed). This pair in in excellent condition, with no rust holes or major corrosion.

Coolant Expansion Tank, Original, MGB Midget Sprite
Price: $50.00

This is an original overflow tank, removed from a 1977 MGB. It is also correct for 1968-74 1275 MG Midget and Austin-Healey Sprite and works as a "replacement" for the no-longer-supplied tank as used on 1975-1979 Midgets.This one is in very good shape, a little grubby but no dents or holes. The cap is included. A new one lists for $100 and we don't know where they manufactured, or the quality. We do know this one was made in England a long time ago and is a nice product.

Ignition Tuneup Kit, MGA
Retail: $100.00
Price: $69.00
Item #: RM01063 -

This quality ignition kit features Lucas parts and Champion spark plugs, plus one of our Premium Red Rotors, guaranteed not to short out or fall apart, as well as a Premium Condenser, made in the USA, and MUCH more reliable than the others on the market today. NOTE: The pictures do not show the red rotor or premium condenser, but they WILL be included in the deal. All kits include spark plug wires, distributor cap, ignition contact breaker points and premium condenser, premium red rotor and a...

Ignition/Plug Wire Set, 4-Cylinder Side-Entry Distributor Cap, New
Price: $52.00
Item #: 171-628 -

This quality spark plug wire set is an accurate reproduction of the original type wires used on most 4-cylinder British Motor Corporation cars of the 1950s and early 1960s, including MGA, early MGB, Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget, classic Mini, Morris Minor, Austin A30 and A35 and many, many others.  If your 4-cylinder BMC car has a side-entry distributor cap, these are the correct wires for it. The kit consists of precut wires for spark plugs and coil, screw-in authentic ends,...

Lucas 31780 57SA Toggle Switch
Price: $40.00
Item #: E16.910 -

Here is a very rare new old stock Lucas 31780 toggle switch for an Austin-Healey or MG of the 1960s, including 3000, Sprite, MG Midget, MGB and MG 1100. It is also correct for other British cars of the period. and or many British motorcycles.This is a two-position switch, on and off. It is designed for heater fans or wipers but could be used in other applications.It is in brand new, unused condition, in its original old Lucas box. We guarantee that it works as new. ...

Lucas 47SA 3-Position Ignition Switch, NOS
Price: $95.00
Item #: 47SA NOS -

This is a rare new old stock original Lucas 47SA 3-position ignition switch, as used on MGB, TR4, Midget and Sprite, Morgan, Austin-Healey and countless other British cars of the 1960s. This is the style that switches on the ignition and has a third position for operating the starter, just like a modern car. We also sell used original switches, as well as brand new version of this switch in a Lucas marked green and white box for a lot less money, but we are of the opinion that the...

Lucas 47SA 3-Position Ignition Switch, Original
Price: $55.00
Item #: 47SA -

This is a good original ignition switch, as used on MGB, TR4, Spitfire, Midget and Sprite, Morgan, Austin-Healey and countless other British cars of the 1960s. This is the style that switches on the ignition and has a third position for operating the starter, just like a modern car. We sell a brand new version of this switch in a Lucas marked green and white box for a lot less money, but we are of the opinion that the original parts are of much higher quality. We also have a very limited stock...

Lucas 4FJ 2-Fuse Fusebox, New
Price: $21.00
Item #: RM01055 -

This is new genuine Lucas 4FJ, 2-fuse box, imported from England. It is correct for early MGB, MG Midget, Austin-Healey Sprite, Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8, Volvo P1800, Mini, Triumph TR3A, TR4 and TR4A, and many other popular British cars of the 1960s.Lucas part no. 54038068.We sell several other fuse boxes; see Related Products below.

Lucas 7-inch Sealed Beam Headlamp, RHD, NOS
Price: $99.00
Item #: TC9-2016 -

This is our last 7-inch right hand drive (RHD) Lucas sealed beam headlamp/headlight.  It has a light socket in the back for an extra light. These were fitted to most British cars of the 1960s through early 1980s with twin 7-inch round headlamps. This is set up for right-hand-drive cars, that is, it dips to the left on the low beam. Technically, this is not legal for driving on the right hand side of the road, but the odds of blinding an oncoming motorist with a tungsten lamp like...

Lucas L686 Flasher/Park/Lamps, Sprite, Midget, NOS
Price: $169.00
Item #: L686C Lamp Pair NOS -

This is a pair of new old stock (NOS), brand new Lucas L686 clear front lamps, correct for Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget from 1961-67, but it will fit any year Sprite or Midget with chrome bumpers (except Bugeyes!). They are original UK lenses, correctly marked LUCAS L686 and Made in England. The bodies are in perfect condition, as are the chrome rims, pigtails and rubber gaskets. We do not have the original Lucas box, but these are perfect, unused lamps, correct in every way, rare and...