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This is a very unusual Raleigh bicycle. It's a 1958 Superbe, lady's frame cycle, Raleigh's best 3-speed. The Superbe came equipped with tons of accessories and deluxe appointments, and this one retains most of those features.

This cycle has a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub, Dynohub built-in generator, original headlamp and taillamp, Dyno-Luxe dry battery unit (rechargeable battery for the lamps!), original very rare green Bluemels tire pump, Excellent original Raleigh rebuildable pedals, locking fork (we do not have the key), gearcase so your pants will never get greasy from the chain and the chain will never get wet, and am excellent, mellowed Brooks B66 leather saddle, the most comfortable saddle money can buy.

It has original Raleigh raised-center patent rims, good original fenders, and a nice original (upside-down) Sturmey-Archer 3-speed trigger shifter. The tires are new. This bike rides great, gears and brakes work fine.

This bicycle is obviously unrestored and should have its bearings cleaned and greased before use, but it is fully functional as it is.

The price includes professional part-dismantling and packing in a secure bicycle box for shipment.

We are in the process of selling out our inventory of English 3-speed bicycles. There are about 75 of them here, some really nice, a few basket cases, but most in-between, needing a few hours’ work each.

The most interesting ones we have for sale include:

Three (yep, three) Dawn Tourists, 1952-55, all gents’ black machines, all Dyno-hubs with factory lamps, two with Brooks saddles, one with an original mattress (Terrys?) saddle, rod brakes. Prices range fro $200 to $450 for those. One is really nice, other two fair to good.

Two lady’s 26-inch Superbes, all the bling on these, one’s not bad, the other probably a parts bike. $350 for the better one. Green of course. Cable brakes (I think?)

1955 Raleigh Sports roadster, gear case, FG 4-speed Dyno Hub, lights, new B66, some NOS parts, new tires,m cables, etc, never finished this one fifteen years ago. Selling for $350, less than the value of the bling.

1939 gents Raleigh Sports, fair to poor, missing some bits but I probably have all of those. $250ish.

1940 lady’s Raleigh Sports Model, cable brakes, lovely original machine, Terrys mattress saddle, unbelievable original decals, $350

1920-sh Humber gents, VERY tall frame, 28” wheels, Pre-1921 Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub, pretty much original and unrestored, very interesting details such as brazed AND cottered (!) lugs, oil fitting everywhere, unusual cranks and brakes etc. Rod brakes of course. Asking $400 for this one.

Unrestored English rear carriers, $40. Nice blasted, primed and painted (if we can get your color!) Prestige Minor racks, as used on Raleighs from the 50s onwards, $95. We have two or three I’d be willing to sell.

Several Raleigh DL1 28-inch rod brake machines, one a ’65 with gear case, Dynohub and lights-rare to see them like this. Will be assembled this spring. Around $650 or so.

We have lots of bling, original headlamps, stainless wheels, FG hubs, saddlebags, original tools, Cyclo chain tools, Raleigh combo spanners, tyre irons etc., NOS parts including fenders, shifters, gear cases, S-A parts, hockey stick chain guards, brake pads and so on.

Sooner or later, I am selling all of it, bikes, bling, parts, whatever. I just don’t have the energy for the bike business as well as the car biz any more.