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Lucas PS7 31434 SPB104 Push-Pull Switch, NOS
Price: $45.00
Item #: B16.6 -

This is a new old stock (NOS) genuine Lucas PS7 switch, pull on, push off. It may come in an original box, as we have a number of these switches in our constantly-changing inventory, and they do not all retain their original packaging.These switches may be available with either push-on (as illustrated) or screw terminals. Please indicate preference. This style PS7 switch has a knob which is retained by a spring-loaded tang, released through a small hole in the side of the switch knob. We also...

Lucas SMB413 Brake/Stop Lamp Switch, push-on terminals, New
Price: $15.00
Item #: RM00669 -

This hydraulic stop or brake light switch is the right one for just about every British car made in the 1960s and 1970s, including MGB, Mini, Triumph TR4, TR6, Spitfire, and Healey. It is also the correct switch for Volvo 122 Amazon, possibly Alfa-Romeos, and other cars. It has a 1/8" pipe thread and is pretty close to a universal switch. It is brand new in the original Lucas box.Contact us if you are not sure if this is the right switch for your car. We also sell a switch with screw...

Lucas SPB200 2-position Toggle Switch, single throw, New
Price: $20.00
Item #: RM00664 -

This is a brand new Lucas 2-position or single pole, single throw toggle switch (on-off), Lucas no. SPB200. It is correct for many, many British cars of the sixties and seventies, including early MGB, Triumph TR4, Spitfire, Mini, Austin, Morris, big Healey, Land Rover, and many others. It is a nicely made part, genuine Lucas, complete in a new Lucas box.It comes with a round trim washer (as shown). If you prefer a hex washer, let us know and we may be able to find one.We sometimes have NOS...

Lucas Starter Button, Jaguar E-type, Mark 2, NOS
Price: $48.00
Item #: SPB105 -

Brand new old stock genuine Lucas starter pushbutton, as used on virtually all classic Jaguars of the 1960s, including E-type XKE, 3.4S, 3.8S, Mark 2, MK X, 420, 240, 340 and Daimler Sovereign, 2 1/2 and 250, and probably others. It is brand new in its original Lucas packaging opened only for photographs.This switch is in perfect original condition, suitable for a concours car. It is very rare to find one of these in this condition.

Lucas Switch 36557
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM01112 -

Lucas TPS1 Indicator/Directional/Flasher/Turn Signal Switch, UK-Made, New
Price: $155.00
Item #: TPS1-LAP -

This is a new reproduction TPS1 directional indicator switch for an MGA (all years and types), MG TD and TF, early Land Rover, and Jaguar XK140 and early XK150. It is self-cancelling, as were the original Lucas ones.This is a beautiful switch, made in England on the original Lucas tooling. Due to legal wrangling, the makers are no longer allowed to use the Lucas name, ironically! But this is the real McCoy, properly made in the UK, not an Asian reproduction.The repros are cheaper and can be...

Lucas-style Headlamp Switch, Austin-Healey; MGA; Triumph TR2, TR3, New
Retail: $37.00
Price: $33.00
Item #: RM00660 -

This is a nicely made reproduction of the original Lucas 31126 switch used on many British cars of the 1950's and 1960's including the Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 to BJ7, MGA, MG TF, and Triumph TR2 & TR3. It controls the side, tail and head lamps. Terminals are brass as original. Knobs are available by special order.

Lucas-style Starter Switch, New
Price: $30.00
Item #: RM00658 -

This is a new reproduction Lucas style starter switch for British cars that use a pull-type knob on the dashboard. Some popular applications are MGA, Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Morris Minor, Austin A30 and A35. It is applicable to many other British cars as well. It is a new part in its original packaging, not made by Lucas but a good copy.

Lucas-style TPS1 Indicator/Directional/Flasher/Turn Signal Switch, New
Retail: $130.00
Price: $117.00
Item #: RM00672 -

This is a new reproduction TPS1 directional indicator switch for an MGA (all years and types), MG TD and TF, early Land Rover, and Jaguar XK140 and early XK150. It is self-cancelling, as were the original Lucas ones. The switch lever and special screw can be purchased with the switch (or separately; please inquire for individual purchase).Genuine UK-made switches, made on the original Lucas tooling, are also available; see Related Products below.

NOS Lucas reverse or overdrive switch
Price: $53.00
Item #: 14-910-8 -

NOS Lucas 34460 reverse lamp/ overdrive interlock switch. This is equivalent to the Moss Motors 140-470 or 141-100 except that is an original old stock part made in England in the late 1960s or early 1970s. It fits most Jaguars, Austin-Healey 100, 100-6 and 3000, Triumph TR4, TR250, TR6, TR5, MGB, MGC, and many, many other British cars.

NOS Trico XK140/XK150 2 way OD Switch
Price: $150.00
Item #: RM01175 -