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This is an excellent reproductions of the Lucas 2SJ windscreen washer, as used on Jaguar E-Type, Mark 2, 3.4S, 3.8S, Mark X, Aston Martin Mark III, DB4, DB5, DB6, Humber, Rover, and other quality British cars from about 1959 through about 1965. It comes complete with bracket, ready to plug and play. Or spray, as it were.

We also sell Trico washer bottles for all Jaguar models from 1950 through the late 1950s, new, used and even a few NOS units in stock, as well as windscreen washer jets for most British cars from about 1950 through 1975. In addition, we carry the Lucas 5SJ plastic washer assembly, as used on most Jaguars from about 1965 through 1970. Please contact us for more information.

We are the source for classic Jaguar parts. We stock many thousands of parts for pre-1970 Jaguars, new, used, reproduction and even a few NOS parts. If we don't have the part, we can almost certainly find it for you at a reasonable price. We drive and love these cars, so we know what it means to own a classic Jaguar saloon or XK. Give us a try!