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Koni shock absorbers are legendary in the world of high-performance cars. Fitted as standard to some of the world's fastest cars, Konis are frequently fitted by those who wish to upgrade the handling of their car with an adjustable option. The Koni shock is adjustable, so if you prefer a softer ride, it can be set that way, or for a firmer suspension, the Koni can be cranked up for use on track or to give the car better road manners.

New Konis are very expensive, selling for about $300 each.

Here is an affordable alternative for a Jaguar Mark I, MK 2, 3.4S, 3.8S, 420, Damiler 2 1/2 or 250. This pair of Konis were removed from the front of a car which we recently dismantled. They are in excellent shape, work as they should, and have been repainted and fitted with new decals.