Rogers Motors Open for Classic British Car Repairs

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Rogers Motors Now Does Repairs!

We are very pleased to announce a new service for our customers! Rogers Motors now performs maintenance and repairs of all types on classic British cars.

With a new heated workshop facility, equipped with a professional 10,000 lb. lift, we are able to perform all kinds of work on MGs, Triumphs, Jaguars, Austin-Healeys and virtually any other classic British car, from a simple tuneup to structural fabrication and welding.

Technician Dave Rees, recently returned from 18 years in the UK, where he worked as a mechanic, fabricator and in customer service for Red Triangle, supporting Alvis cars, has forty years’ experience as a spannerman. Dave is a talented welder and can rebuild pretty much anything made of steel. Co-owner Geoff Rogers has also been in the British car business for forty-plus years, rebuilding countless old British cars and their component parts. Geoff has forgotten more about pre-1970 Jaguars and MGs than, well, than he can remember. When Dave lets him in the shop, he enjoys getting his hands dirty. Even better than spending the day glued to the phone and the computer, he says.

If you need work on your old British car, please give us a call at 413-259-1722 or email us at for a free consultation.

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