In Memoriam: Our Beloved Maggie

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This has nothing to do with Rogers Motors, at least not directly. But I need to put these words down, and this is a place where I am allowed to do it, since we own the website...

Our beloved pooch, Maggie, was hit and killed by a car this evening, December 19, 2017. She was our constant companion and very much a family member. Maggie often accompanied us to swap meets, keeping a low profile under the table, as she did so well. She was with us during the day in the office, went with us to find parts in the storage trailers, helped us pack parts and then came into the house with us for the rest of the day.

Maggie was the gentlest, sweetest dog I have even met. I was decidedly not a dog fan before we adopted her four years ago, but to say she won my heart would not begin to show how much I loved her--how much all pf us loved her. She was everything a gracious family member could be and more besides.

Andrea, Fiona and I were all completely dedicated to Maggie and her loss is devastating to us all.

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