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These are lovely modern reproductions of the headlamps that were used on Jaguars of the 1950s with twin 7-inch headlamps (Early XK120s had 7.7-inch headlamps, and will not accommodate the J lamp). They were popular aftermarket accessories and were used on many rally cars, as they give far more light output than a normal sealed beam lamp.

They have the terrific-looking proper cloisonne "J" in the center and will work with just about any twin 7-inch headlamp application. They come with halogen P45 base bulbs (60/55W), but tungsten bulbs are available on request for no extra charge.

We occasionally have secondhand original J lamps in stock; please contact us for details.

Stock of these lamps is very limited and future supply is doubtful, so if you like them, now is the time to order a pair!

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