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Huffy bicycles are not known for their, um, high quality or attention to detail. But when Huffy wanted to offer a 3-speed English-style bicycle to its customers in the 1950s, it contacted with Raleigh, the world's biggest, and arguably best, manufacturer of 3-speeds, and the result was the Huffy Sportsman.

Like all English bicycles built in the 1950s, the Sportsman was beautifully made, designed to last a lifetime or more, with rugged, easily-serviced components.

This one is in very good original condition, apart from the tires, which are US-made and were probably replaced in the 1960s. The paint, chrome and decals are all quite good, with some scratches and peely bits, as you might expect from a 60-year-old machine. It rides great, it's rare, and it is really cool and interesting in a way that the more common English 3-speeds can't be.

We also have a teal lady's Huffy Sportsman from the mid 1960s, a great match for this bicycle but in absolutely mint, untouched condition, priced at $275.

You may pick it up at our place of business in Shutesbury, Massachusetts for free, or we can ship the machine. Please note that we do charge a $50 crating fee for properly dismantling and boxing a bicycle, in addition to the shipping charges.