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Battery Cover, Jaguar XK120 OTS, #X19, New
Retail: $335.00
Price: $220.00
Item #: BD3365 -

For XK120 OTS (Roadster) only. 20-22 gauge, welded ends, brackets and pins. Special fasteners sold separately. Original factory number was BD3365.

Battery Shelf Assembly, Jaguar XK120, #X20, New
Retail: $1,064.00
Price: $445.00
Item #: X20 -

For all XK120 models. 18 gauge welded assembly with clamps (X21), boxes (X22) and welded nuts included.Battery shelf assembly with single 12V battery box (X22A) available by special order for $550.Original factory number was BD4085.

Front Battery Box Insert, Jaguar XK150, #X71B, New
Price: $75.00

For all XK150 models except XK150-S 3 -carb. models. 20 gauge steel rolled, hemmed, welded with end drilled. Original factory number BD13208.

Front Battery Box Insert, Jaguar XK150-S, #X72, New
Price: $69.00
Item #: RM00882 -

For XK 150-S model, 3 carburetor models only. 20 gauge steel panel in front of battery box on S- models. Welded nuts, hemmed.

Left Shield for Servo Tank, Jaguar XK150, #X73FL, New
Retail: $132.00
Price: $95.00

Left side shield panel above battery box for later model XK150's. 20 gauge steel with welded nuts and edge for seal and hole for servo tank. Jaguar part no. BD.15728 for LHD chassis nos. 831899 and later and RHD chassis nos. 820017 and later. Right side panel for LHD XK150 is part #X73R, shown in the listing for X73; right side panel for LHD XK150S is X73SR; see Related Products below. To order a left and right pair, please select "Pair" option above.

Lower Battery Support Bracket, Jaguar XK140 DHC & OTS, #X66, New
Retail: $191.00
Price: $130.00
Item #: X66 -

Lower battery support bracket for XK140 Drop Head Coupe and Roadster, Left Hand Drive models. 10 and 12 gauge steel, pressed and punched with bracket welded for attachment to firewall. Original factory # BD8569.

Right Battery Box, Jaguar XK150-S, #X71SR, New
Price: $245.00
Item #: RM00884 -

For XK150-S , 3 carburetor models only. Right side only. 18 gauge steel shelf with welded supports & brackets. 22 gauge face with turned edges hemmed. Upper panels. Hardware and special fasteners sold separately (#X71H). Original factory number was BD14360.

Right Shield, Jaguar XK150-S, #X73SR, New
Price: $165.00
Item #: RM00883 -

Panel above battery box on right side. 20 gauge steel with welded nuts and edge for seal. Jaguar part no. BD15392. For XK150 shields, see Related Products below

Upper Shield Pair, Jaguar XK150, #X73, New
Price: $150.00
Item #: BD13317/18 -

Shield panel above battery box. For XK150 models except XK150-S right side, and left side on brake servo tank models. 20-gauge steel with welded nuts and edge for seal. Left and right pair. Left side: Jaguar part no. BD.13317 for LHD chassis nos. 830001 - 831898 and RHD chassis nos. 820001 - 820016. Right side: Jaguar part no. BD.13318 for LHD cars with air cleaner in wing valance. XK150 LHS panel with hole for brake servo is X73FL, XK150S right side panel is X73SR; see Related Products...

Valance or Battery  Bracket Pair, Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150, #X108, New valence
Price: $30.00

A PAIR of small slotted, angled brackets, attaching XK120 & 140 front valance, XK140 &150 plinth to bumper, and  XK140 &150 battery box extension to chassis. Fits all models.