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MGA/MGB Owners Workshop Manual
Price: $20.00
Item #: RM01139 -

MGA/MGB Owners Workshop Manual by Autobooks,. Covers all MGA and MGB models. In good condition.

MGB 1978 British Leyland Repair Operations Manual
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM01136 -

1978 MGB Workshop Manual, Factory BL Publication. Cover is damaged but the pages are clean and usable. This is a rare factory publication.

Picture Book, Jaguar Mark I, Mark 2, New
Price: $19.00
Item #: RM00434 -

We have a limited supply of these UK-published picture books, covering the history of Jaguar and the development of the Mark I and Mark 2, as well as the S-type and Daimler variants. The pictures are really stunning. Text is by Andrea Sparrow and pictures by award-winning photographer David Sparrow. The books are brand new and undamaged.

Porsche 911 1964-1969 Autobook Workshop Manual
Price: $20.00
Item #: RM01132 -

Autobook workshop manual for Porsche 911, 1965-69. Generally usable condition, cover is dirty.Contactr us for other Porsche books; we have some parts books and the like for these cars.

Porsche 911S Service School Course
Price: $100.00
Item #: RM01137 -

This is a photocopy of the rare Porsche 911 Service School Course, held for professional mechanics who worked on these cars when they were current. It is in good condition and this must be a very hard item to come by these days.

Rolls-Royce/Bentley Silver Cloud/Phantom/S1/S2/Continental S2 Workshop Manual Volume 2
Price: $55.00
Item #: RM01133 -

This is a looseleaf binder containing a reprinted copy of theRolls-Royce/Bentley Silver Cloud/Phantom/S1/S2/Continental S2 Workshop Manual Volume 2. It is in good condition.

The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars, Morgan and Wheatley, Original
Price: $39.99
Item #: RM00435 -

This is one of my favorite motoring books. Published in 1958, Richard C. Wheatley and Brian Morgan wrote this excellent treatise on restoration of British cars, particularly prewar. But the principles discussed in the book are applicable to any restoration, and it is written in charming language appropriate to two English gentlemen in the 1950s. The book is a delightful and informative read for anybody interested in old British cars, or old cars in general. This is a rare first edition. The...

Tuning and Maintenance of MGs Prewar and T-series, by Philip Smith, Original
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00433 -

Here is one of those charming little English motoring books that were published during the 1950s. It covers modifications and maintenance of prewar and T-series MG sports cars. Author Philip Smith had a passion for these little cars, and was an expert at extracting a few more horsepower from the engine or tweaking the car so it would handle better and provide a more reliable driving experience. This book has had some water damage and the dust jacket is obviously tatty, but overall it's pretty...

Workshop Manual, Austin 7; Mini; Morris Minor, Original
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM00428 -

This is one of the first shop manuals published for Minis. It dates from around 1960 or so. There is some water damage to the edges of the pages, as shown in the pictures but for the most part is can be used as it is. The binder is in good shape and most pages are clean and legible, apart from the damages bits.We also have a nicer one for a bit more money. Please contact us if you're interested.

Workshop Manual, Austin, MG, Morris 1100, Original
Price: $30.00
Item #: RM00427 -

This is an original looseleaf factory workshop manual for ADO 16 cars, consisting of Austin, MG and Morris 1100 (also Wolesley and Riley). It is a but tatty but the pages are readable and the cover will clean up nicely with some soap and water.