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Lucas-style LLB323Y BPF-base Yellow Foglamp Bulb, New fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $18.00
Item #: RM00844 -

This is a new Lucas-style British Prefocus (BPF) or P36 base yellow bulb (12V, 45W), correct for Lucas 576, 700, or Ranger lamps. They are foglamp bulbs, which have horizontal filaments, but they will work fine in a spot or driving lamp as well. We have only a very few of these bulbs left, and when they're gone, we cannot be sure of getting any more.

Lucas-style LLB380 H1157 Bayonet-base Dual-filament Halogen Indicator Bulb, New
Price: $15.00
Item #: RM00834 -

This is a new Lucas-style dual filament bayonet BAY15D base (12V, 50/15W) halogen bulb for turn signal/indicator or stop/tail lamp. Fits Lucas L513 lamps for XK120 and early XK140. Upgrade for Lucas part no. LLB380.

Lucas-style LLB472 H4 P43t-base Blue Halogen Headlamp Bulb, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $10.00
Item #: RM00826 -

This is a H4 P43t base (12V 60/55W) blue halogen bulb. It is interchangeable with LLB472 bulbs (part number 9003).It is correct for our Lucas H4 and PF700 headlamps, among others; see Related Products below. We also carry genuine Lucas LLB472 white halogen bulbs and high output LLB472X xenon bulbs (30% brighter) for the same applications, as well as several other headlamp bulbs; some can be seen in Related Products below.

Lucas-style LLB987 High-output Screw-base Instrument Bulb, New
Price: $6.00
Item #: RM00829 -

Price reduced!This is a new Lucas-style MES base (12V, 8W) high output instrument bulb. Upgrade for Lucas part LLB987.

Lumex PF26J BPF-base Yellow Headlamp Bulb, NOS head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00840 -

This is a genuine new old stock (NOS) original Lumax British Prefocus (BPF) or P22D base (12V 50/40W) P26J Duplo tungsten headlamp bulb in the original box, complete with inscriptions on the glass. It is correct for Lucas PF770, original P700 and PL700 and Le Mans headlamps. We sometimes have Phillips 371 (45/40W) yellow headlamp bulbs; contact us for the latest information.

Rival 36w Headlight Bulb 12526
Price: $15.00
Item #: RM01120 -

Rival 6 Volt 12526 Headlamp Bulb, NOSVery rare prewar-style bayonet-mount 12V headlamp bulb. It’s new old stock in the original box, decades old but guaranteed to work as new. We have a small supply of these bulbs.

Rolls-Royce 409 BPF Fog and Turn Bulb
Price: $65.00
Item #: 409 -

An extremely rare amber (it looks yellow in the picture but is really amber) 409 British PreFocus bulb, special type for Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I and II and Bentley SI and SII, cars which used the fog lamp as a directional flasher lamp. These cars had a very special bulb which had a 21W filament for the directional flasher and a normal 28W bulb for the fog lamp. New old stock and guaranteed to be fully functional. We have one pair left. The price here is for ONE bulb. Lucas Bulb Number is...