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Lucas L684 Lens, Austin-Healey Sprite; MG Midget; Triumph Herald, NOS
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM00752 -

Here's a new old stock glass lens with amber bulb shield and a nice used chrome rim, correct for a Triumph Herald or Vitesse or a non-US spec MG Midget or Austin-Healey Sprite from 1961 to 1969. The US cars had plastic lenses, which we also sell.This lens is in its original Lucas box and is in perfect condition.It is marked "RH," which must mean Right Hand Side.54571508 is the Lucas Part Number for this lens.

Lucas L686 Clear Lens & Rim Pair, Austin-Healey Sprite/MG Midget, NOS
Price: $110.00
Item #: RM00749 -

This is a very rare set of NOS original Lucas L686 clear lenses and rims, never fitted to a car and still with their original (tatty) packaging.These lenses and rims are in perfect, unmarked condition.These were used on North American market cars from 1961 through 1967, although they will fit any year chrome bumper Sprite or Midget (except Bugeye, of course).We have many NOS amber front lenses, as well as a few good used clear ones for these great little cars. See Related Products below or...

Lucas L687 Lower Red Tail Lens, Jaguar 3.8S, 420 Mark X, Original
Price: $8.00
Item #: RM00760 -

This is a good rear lens for a Jaguar 3.4S, 3.8S, 420, or Mark X. It is a lower tail lamp lens, in good condition apart from minor light scratches which would polish out with some plastic polish. It is not faded or cracked.

Lucas L691/L692 Lens Pair, New
Retail: $29.90
Price: $27.00
Item #: RM00769 -

This is a pair of superb-quality new reproduction front sidelamp, parking lamp or stop-and-tail lamp lenses, correct for an Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8, Land-Rover Series 3, Triumph Spitfire, TR4A, TR250, AC Cobra and other applications. They say "L691/2" but do not say "Lucas." They are available in red, amber and clear. Please select color.We also sell new complete lamps and new old stock (NOS) lamps; see Related Products below.We also have NOS lenses and used original lamps and lenses; please...

Lucas L745 Lens, Morris Minor
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00998 -

Brand new NOS L745 Morris Minor tail lamp for later Morris 1000 sedans and convertibles, in the original Lucas box with a great old BMC label. It is in pristine original condition, and very hard to find these days. This is the all-red lanes, as used on North American market cars.We also have an amber-red lens and a NOS chrome base or two, which we'll out on the website soon. You can contact us to ask about those if you like!

Lucas SFT576 Foglamp Lens-Reflector Unit, Refurbished Original fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $105.00
Item #: RM00706 -

This is a show quality lens replacement unit for the Lucas SFT576 Pathfinder foglamp, with new old stock (NOS) Lucas glass, re-silvered reflector, and a brand new chrome nipple. It is correct in every detail. We also offer a reproduction replacement lens unit that is a more economical alternative, as well as bulbs, bulb holders and complete new or original lamps; see Related Products below.

Lucas Taillamp Lens Pair, MG Midget, MGB, New
Price: $38.00
Item #: RM00775 -

Pair of new reproduction lenses for all MG Midgets and MGBs from 1970 to 1980, US-specification (UK cars had different amber areas). These quality lenses are much cheaper than genuine Lucas, but are an excellent value and we can't tell the difference unless we look close enough to see that there is no Lucas lettering! They come complete with new gaskets. Price is half the Lucas price, although we will be happy to sell you a pair of those if you prefer.

Lucas Taillamp Pair, MG Midget, MGB, Original
Price: $75.00
Item #: RM00751 -

This is a very nice used original set of tail lamps from a US-market 1979 MGB LE. The chrome is in good condition, all bulbs work perfectly, wires are intact and uncut, and the lenses are in good condition. One lens is an original Lucas, uncracked and unfaded, while the other is a reproduction, brand new and perfect in every way aside from the absence of LUCAS lettering.These lamps are overall quite good, not show condition perhaps, but very good to excellent, and MUCH cheaper than a set of...

Lucas Tractor Lens 554749
Price: $20.00
Item #: RM01113 -

Probably from a Leyland tractor of the 1960s or 1970s, here is a rare new old stock headlamp lens. It has a picture of a tractor in the center. How cool is that!

Lucas-Style L488 Flat Glass Lens Pair, New
Price: $30.00
Item #: L488 style lens new -

This is a pair of good quality reproduction Lucas L488 lenses imported from the UK. However, they lack the lettering of the originals. They are available in red and amber.  We are out of stock of clear lenses. The color of the lenses is actually in the glass; they are NOT colored by means of a coating that peels off when damaged, as is almost universally supplied elsewhere. They are correct for many, many British cars, including Jaguar XK120, Austin-Healey 100, early Land-Rover, Morris...

Lucas-Style L494 Reverse Lamp Lens, New
Price: $12.00
Item #: RM00710 -

This is a reproduction of the beautiful Lucas L494 reverse lamp lens. It is a plain lens without any lettering in the center.The lenses correctly say "MADE IN ENGLAND" at the bottom, although the letter G in the word ENGLAND is illegible on some lenses.

Lucas-style L594 Red Beehive Lens Pair, New
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00754 -

This a PAIR of NEW red glass Lucas-style L594 lenses imported from the UK. The lenses are excellent heavy glass as original. ALSO, the color of the lenses is actually in the glass; they are not colored by means of a coating that peels off when damaged, as is almost universally supplied elsewhere. Although the color is good, the lettering on the glass is not as original; rather, it says L594 and Designed in England in very small letters. These are correct for many, many British cars,...