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1940 Raleigh Tourist Ladys Three-Speed Bicycle, Original
Price: $295.00
Item #: CO-16A -

Old British three-speed bicycles are wonderful machines, comfortable, easy to maintain and built to last a lifetime. This one is a rare 1940 Raleigh Sports Tourist, amazingly well preserved for its age. The original Raleigh black enamel shines well, despite some scratches, the original decals are intact, including the very wonderful TOURIST label on the top tube and the Raleigh fancy script on the gearcase.Speaking of gearcases, this bicycle is equipped with a gearcase (or chaincase) which...

English Roadster Rod Brake Rear Guides, NOS
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00532 -

This may be the last time you will ever find a pair of new old stock rear brake guides for a rod-brake-equipped bicycle, such as a Raleigh Tourist. They are in brand new unused condition, made in the Raleigh factory decades ago. They are sold as a pair. We also have some secondhand ones for less money. Email us for details. We have a good stock of rod brake parts, some new NOS and some secondhand, so contact us with your needs.

Frame Mount Chrome Bicycle Pump, most English bicycles, New
Price: $22.00
Item #: RM00535 -

This pump will fit the pegs of most English bikes. It's about 15 1/2 inches, but the handle compresses so it could be a little smaller or larger than this. It's brand new, probably made in Asia and not up to the quality of the original pumps, but it's affordable and looks good on your frame. I have used one to inflate a tire, and it will do the job in a pinch, although I would not want to use one every day. It even comes with a pair of plastic clips, in case your cycle does not have pump pegs....

Huffy Sportsman 3-speed Bicycle, 1955, Original
Price: $155.00
Item #: RM00542 -

Huffy bicycles are not known for their, um, high quality or attention to detail. But when Huffy wanted to offer a 3-speed English-style bicycle to its customers in the 1950s, it contacted with Raleigh, the world's biggest, and arguably best, manufacturer of 3-speeds, and the result was the Huffy Sportsman.Like all English bicycles built in the 1950s, the Sportsman was beautifully made, designed to last a lifetime or more, with rugged, easily-serviced components.This one is in very good...

Kenda Gumwall Bicycle Tire, 27 x 1 1/4, New
Price: $18.00
Item #: RM00527 -

New and fresh, these Kendas are quite decent tires. They fit well and look like a proper sixties or seventies lightweight tire. We will have other Kenda sizes for vintage English and European bicycles in stock soon.

Lucas Bicycle Odometer, Cyclometer, Original
Price: $50.00
Item #: RM00513 -

Vintage English bicycle accessories are getting hard to find. This is a good one. It's a Lucas King of the Road Cyclometer, for measuring your cycling progress. We have a few original ones in excellent condition. The photos show a representative example. We're not sure what wheel size each was made for, but most likely for a 26" or 27" bicycle.

Lucas HC13 Bicycle Headlamp, NOS head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $75.00
Item #: RM01007 -

This is a really fine new old stock Lucas HC13 bicycle headlamp. We are guessing it was made in the 1950s or early 1960s. It is a small unit, suitable for a lightweight or club machine.It is in outstanding original condition, with no fading, cracks or yellowing to the lens, beautiful chrome and reflector, and the terminal even retains its original red protective cap.We have never seen another quite like it. It would be a lovely period accessory to any British or European bicycle, Raleigh,...

Lucas-style Bicycle Bell, NOS
Price: $35.00
Item #: RM00521 -

This is a nicely made Chinese copy of a Lucas King of the Road bicycle bell. The bell is triple chrome plated, with the copper layer showing on the underside of the dome. It is in perfect original, unused condition, clean as shown in the pictures. It sounds great. The bell comes in its original box. Sorry, we only have one of these and cannot find any more.

Phillips 3-speed Bicycle, 1967, Original
Price: $125.00
Item #: RM00544 -

This is a decent 1960s 3-speed Phillips, made in Nottingham, England by Raleigh. These machines,like all English-made Raleighs, were built to last a lifetime--or longer! I have some in my collection from the 1930s that are still going strong. This one has fairly good paint and chrome. It rides well, shifts and brakes fine and is original in every respect. And yes, we have lots of other English bicycles, which we will add to the website as time permits.Or you could call us at 413-259-1722.Geoff...

Phillips Ladys Bicycle, 1930s, Refurbished Original
Price: $99,999.00
Item #: RM00034 -

I don't think this one is really for sale, but it's so cool I though my fellow British cycle enthusiasts might want to see it. It's a 1930s Phillips, absolutely pristine and original, down to the Dunlop War Grade tires and hard-as-stone brake blocks. We do have lots of other old English bikes, so if you don't see what you like here, email us and we might have what you want.

Raleigh Alloy Drop Handlebars, Original
Price: $40.00
Item #: RM00518 -

Nice used alloy bars for a Raleigh lightweight bicycle, probably made in the 1970s. Raleigh heron logo and MADE IN ENGLAND in fancy script with laurel wreath engraving, nice overall condition. Needs a bit of a cleaning but no dents or deep scratches.They are 16 1/4 inches wide at the bar ends, 15 3/4 inches wide at the brake lever attachment position, 6 inches deep with a 6 1/2 inch drop.They would be perfect on a 60s, 70s or 80s Raleigh Competition, International, Gran Sport, or similar...

Raleigh Dynohub Lights & Dry Battery Unit, Original
Price: $125.00
Item #: RM00534 -

This is some rare stuff. It is a set of lights and rechargeable battery unit from a 1953 Raleigh Superbe. The headlamp, wiring and dry battery unit are original, although I think the tail lamp is a replacement, although it was probably also made in the 1950s in England.Thes parts are in unrestored, untested condition but there isn't a lot that can go wrong with it. With a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, it would be excellent on any English bicycle.We have a number of other British...