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1940 Raleigh Tourist Ladys Three-Speed Bicycle, Original
Price: $295.00
Item #: CO-16A -

Old British three-speed bicycles are wonderful machines, comfortable, easy to maintain and built to last a lifetime. This one is a rare 1940 Raleigh Sports Tourist, amazingly well preserved for its age. The original Raleigh black enamel shines well, despite some scratches, the original decals are intact, including the very wonderful TOURIST label on the top tube and the Raleigh fancy script on the gearcase.Speaking of gearcases, this bicycle is equipped with a gearcase (or chaincase) which...

Huffy Sportsman 3-speed Bicycle, 1955, Original
Price: $155.00
Item #: RM00542 -

Huffy bicycles are not known for their, um, high quality or attention to detail. But when Huffy wanted to offer a 3-speed English-style bicycle to its customers in the 1950s, it contacted with Raleigh, the world's biggest, and arguably best, manufacturer of 3-speeds, and the result was the Huffy Sportsman.Like all English bicycles built in the 1950s, the Sportsman was beautifully made, designed to last a lifetime or more, with rugged, easily-serviced components.This one is in very good...

Phillips 3-speed Bicycle, 1967, Original
Price: $125.00
Item #: RM00544 -

This is a decent 1960s 3-speed Phillips, made in Nottingham, England by Raleigh. These machines,like all English-made Raleighs, were built to last a lifetime--or longer! I have some in my collection from the 1930s that are still going strong. This one has fairly good paint and chrome. It rides well, shifts and brakes fine and is original in every respect. And yes, we have lots of other English bicycles, which we will add to the website as time permits.Or you could call us at 413-259-1722.Geoff...

Phillips Ladys Bicycle, 1930s, Refurbished Original
Price: $99,999.00
Item #: RM00034 -

I don't think this one is really for sale, but it's so cool I though my fellow British cycle enthusiasts might want to see it. It's a 1930s Phillips, absolutely pristine and original, down to the Dunlop War Grade tires and hard-as-stone brake blocks. We do have lots of other old English bikes, so if you don't see what you like here, email us and we might have what you want.

Raleigh Superbe Ladys Three-Speed Bicycle, 1958, Original
Price: $350.00
Item #: CO-16 -

This is a very unusual Raleigh bicycle. It's a 1958 Superbe, lady's frame cycle, Raleigh's best 3-speed. The Superbe came equipped with tons of accessories and deluxe appointments, and this one retains most of those features.This cycle has a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub, Dynohub built-in generator, original headlamp and taillamp, Dyno-Luxe dry battery unit (rechargeable battery for the lamps!), original very rare green Bluemels tire pump, Excellent original Raleigh rebuildable pedals, locking...