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Bentley Lucas PF770 7.7 inch Headlamps, original
Price: $375.00
Item #: b15.200 -

Rare original 7.7-inch headlamps, correct for Bentley R-type and Mark VI. These are in good original condition. One is nicer than the other but both are suitable for a driver or to restore for a show car. These lamps are hard to find. We bought these from an older gentleman in England. Bulbs are available from us; we will include a pair of LHD or RHD bulbs, as the buyer prefers.

British Car Headlamp Relay Kit
Price: $41.00
Item #: 117-515 -

Most older British cars did not come equipped with headlamp relays. The advantage of a relay is that much more current gets to the lamps, meaning much brighter lighting, as well as a greatly reduced current draw through the lighting switch, so the switch will last a lot longer. We strongly recommend this kit for any British car built before about 1980. It comes complete with two relays, inline fuse, correct color code wires, and instructions for installation.Be safe and be seen! ...

Headlamp Inner Rim Pair, Jaguar XK150, NOS head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $100.00
Item #: RM01057 -

This is a very rare pair of new old stock inner headlamp rims for Jaguar XK140, XK150, Mark VIII and Mark IX (Mk. VIII and Mk. IX). They were stored for decades. These rims are close to perfect condition, with one or two very tiny flaws in the chrome. They are the original heavy spun brass, beautifully chrome plated with the old bluish Rhodesian chromium that the British motor industry used in the fifties and sixties.The price is more than a set of reproduction rims, but these are truly...

Headlamp Rim Pair, Volvo P1800, 1800S, 1800E, Original head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $50.00
Item #: RM00734 -

Here is a pair of rare Volvo P1800, 1800S or 1800E or ES headlamp rims. One is in very good condition, woth no dents and good chrome. The other has good chrome but there are some shallow dents near the bottom, around the 5 o'clock position, as the pictures show.Overall, they are quite good and would like fine on a driver, although obviously they are not show quality.

Headlamp Rim, Austin-Healey 100-6, 3000, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Retail: $38.95
Price: $34.00
Item #: RM00735 -

This a beautifully-made reproduction headlamp rim for an Austin-Healey 100-6 or 3000. It is made of brass, as original, and polished nicely. The details are all correct, including the rivet at the top of the rim and the drain hole at the bottom.These rims are sold individually. No additional shipping is charged for a second rim.

Lucas 552913 Headlamp Rim, Triumph TR3, NOS head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $125.00
Item #: RM00742 -

This is a rare, 1958-only, split style rim used on Triumph TR3s, as well as Vauxhalls and Austins and other British cars of the period which we are less familiar with. It is in mint, new old stock condition, in its original packaging. The Lucas part number is 552913.We also have a decent used rim like this one, priced at $55.We also have several pairs of new reproduction and NOS headlamp rims for TR3s of other years. Please email us if you don't see the listing on this website. ...

Lucas 7" J Lamp Headlamp Pair, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $160.00
Item #: RM00746 -

These are lovely modern reproductions of the headlamps that were used on Jaguars of the 1950s with twin 7-inch headlamps (Early XK120s had 7.7-inch headlamps, and will not accommodate the J lamp). They were popular aftermarket accessories and were used on many rally cars, as they give far more light output than a normal sealed beam lamp. They have the terrific-looking proper cloisonne "J" in the center and will work with just about any twin 7-inch headlamp application. They come with halogen...

Lucas European Headlamp Pair, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $75.00
Item #: RM00743 -

Lucas still makes a few items in the United Kingdom under license that fit our favorite cars, and this is one of those things. It's a pair of Lucas European halogen 7-inch headlamps, brand new in updated green and white boxes, and complete with new halogen P45 bulbs and dust boots. These throw a powerful beam, they're street legal, and they are beautifully made in the UK, nicer than most of the reproduction lamps sold today, including the ones we sell!These lamps will fit just about any car...

Lucas H4 7" Flat Glass Headlamp Pair, Original head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $75.00

Lucas flat-glass H4 headlamps were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and many British cars of that period came with them as standard equipment. We have seen a lot of MGBS, Minis and Jaguar XJs with similar lamps to these. If you like a flat glass look, here's your chance to buy a decent pair.They are in overall very good condition.They use standard P43 base H4 bulbs, available in any auto parts store.They will work on practically any car which used twin 7-inch round headlamps, including most...

Lucas H4 Headlamp Pair, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $65.00
Item #: RM00423 -

These are newly made genuine Lucas H4 7-inch round convex headlamps with new halogen Lucas P43 (60/55W) bulbs, imported from England and supplied in updated green and white Lucas boxes. They are similar to the Lucas European lamps we also sell, but are updated to take the more modern P43 bulbs. They say "Lucas H4" on the glass, indicating they are designed for halogen bulbs. These are made under license by Lucas UK, OEM quality, NOT REPRODUCTIONS.They will fit just about any car originally...

Lucas Headlamp Bucket/Bowl Assembly Pair, British Cars, 1960s-70s, New head lamp, headlight, head light
Retail: $130.00
Price: $65.00
Item #: RM00738 -

This is a pair of genuine new Lucas headlamp bowls/buckets, complete with adjusters and and inner and outer retaining rings. Dust seals for the headlamp rims and rubber gaskets are also included. This is the three-adjuster style, correct for most British cars of the 1950s with 7-inch headlamps. They will also work just fine with later cars, from the 1960s through the 1980s, which had two-adjuster bowls. It must be admitted that these are not as fine as the original Lucas headlamp bowls, and...

Lucas Headlamp Bucket/Bowl Assembly, British Cars, 1960s-70s, NOS head lamp, headlight, head light
Price: $85.00
Item #: RM00739 -

This is a very rare NOS original 2-adjuster headlamp bowl assembly, complete with bulbholder, inner chrome retaining rim and adjusters and a NOS wiring pigtail. It's a Lucas F700 MK X for 7-inch headlamps.It is correct for just about every British car made with twin headlamps from about 1959 until 1985 or so, including Sprite, Midget, MGA, MGB, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Land Rover, Daimler, Triumph TR and Spitfire, Rover, Hillman, Sunbeam, Mini, Austin, Morris, Morgan, and everything else you...