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1958 Jaguar Mark VIII Saloon Project
Price: $7,500.00
Item #: RM01194 -

1965 Jaguar Mark X
Price: $5,500.00
Item #: RM01189 -

This is an original California Mark X Jaguar saloon. The Mark X was Jaguar's flagship, the biggest and most luxurious car the company had produced to date when it appeared in 1961. Combining the excellent independent rear suspension and triple-carburetor 265 bhp engine of the E-type, the Mark X was fast and handled like no other luxury car of its day. The car was a real luxury saloon, with huge leather bench seats and lots of furniture-grade burled walnut veneer inside. The rear seat...

Ford Model A Rumble Seat Brackets
Price: $27.50
Item #: RM01101 -

These came with a collection of other Model A parts. They appear to be unused reproduction items, certainly in good shape. We do have a Model A but not many parts for sale, sadly.

MGC Roadster, 1969, project car
Price: $7,950.00
Item #: RM00601 -

We don't really want to sell this car. We bought it for our own family to enjoy, and we consider an MGC roadster to be one of the smartest investments in the British sports car world today. All chrome bumper MGBs have risen quite quickly in the past few years, especially roadsters, and the MGC, as a limited production, high performance version of the MGB, is virtually guaranteed to appreciate in value considerably over the next decade. In our opinion, that is.So, why are we selling this car?...