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This is an amazingly original, unspoiled 1968 Volvo 122S 2-door sedan, with original paint and interior and a genuine 63K miles on the odometer.

The 122S, known as the "Amazon" in Europe, was the car that Volvo used to build its reputation for durability, safety and overall simple, straightforward quality. These cars were built from 1956 through 1970 and sold in the US through 1968. They are ruggedly handsome automobiles, truly made to last and as simple to work on as any car ever made. Amazons are fun to drive, peppy, and, in sedan form at least, stable and good-handling machines. They are easy to modify for higher power output and all sorts of aftermarket goodies are available to stiffen the suspension, reduce roll, extra gears, limited slip differentials, special wheels and tires, upgraded brakes, on and on. Many components from later Volvos bolt right in for useful performance increases.

This car has recently been fitted with a set of new Minilite clone alloy wheels and new tires. Otherwise, it is pretty much the way it was made in 1968. It lived most of its life in California, and was used after that as a summer car on Cape Cod. In recent years, the car was used as a summer driver in New Hampshire at a summer cottage. It has always been kept indoors when not in use. The only rust on this car is at the bottom of the driver's side fender, an easy repair. There are a few flecks of rust in the paint, some of which will polish out. Otherwise, the paint shines well, especially considering the fact that is was applied 51 years ago! The seats will need some stitching repairs and the top of the rear seat has suffered sun damage in California, so it will need a fairly straightforward repair. The original front rubber mat is in excellent condition but the rear one is missing.

Mechanically. we have not driven the car apart from around the yard, but it starts easily and runs smoothly. The brakes work well, and the brake servo seems to work properly. All lights work.

This car needs a lot of little detail work, such as the seat repairs described above, repair to the interior lamp, general cleaning and detailing, and various adjustments and general fettling to make it into a delightful, reliable survivor driver.

We purchased this car from the widow of the owner. Sadly, she was not able to tell us much about it, as it was his "toy" and she had no interest in the Man Toys in the barn. But we have a clear title.

How do we know so much about Amazons? We have driven these wonderful old machines hundreds of thousands of miles since 1979 and maintain them lovingly. We regularly drive a '67 wagon in about the same condition as this sedan (not quite as nice, actually!).

This is an extraordinary, original example, almost impossible to find in this condition. The Volvo 122s has increased in value rapidly during the last few years, and we expect this trend to continue. 

We invite any inspection of this car. It is 100 percent honest. As are we!

Geoff and Andrea Rogers

the Jolly Rogers