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Jaguars made in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s came with high quality tool

kits, and one of the components of these kits was a tyre pressure gauge.

There were several types of gauge used in these kits, most notably a

non-branded gauge with JAGUAR "wings" logo and a Dunlop 6J ("J" was for

"Jaguar," and the 6J was ONLY used in Jaguar tool kits). The "wings"

logo gauge was used on many classic Jaguar saloons, as well as many 4.2


This is an excellent modern, UK-made gauge with WINGS

logo but without the JAGUAR lettering, as the company will not permit

other manufacturers to use the name. The dimensions, shape and materials

of this gauge are virtually identical to the original Jaguar "wings"

item (apart from the word "JAGUAR" in the logo), and the gauge includes a

removable plastic end cap with Schraeder valve core removal tool and a

removable pocket clip. We have a number of these excellent gauges in


This high quality part costs less than half the price of an original Jaguar item.

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