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1960 MGA roadster project. This car has been stored indoors for over 30 years. It is a complete 1600 roadster with correct 16GA 1588 engine. The chassis is extremely solid, with no rot holes. 

The major mechanical components of this car have been freshly rebuilt and it runs, stops and yard drives. The engine was rebuilt with new rings and bearings, seals, a professional valve job, and any other worn parts were replaced as necessary. The 4-speed gearbox was rebuilt with new bearings, synchros and seals. A new clutch and new motor mounts and hoses were fitted. The generator was rebuilt. The carburetors were rebuilt with new throttle shafts and have been synchronized and adjusted. The distributor was cleaned, worn parts replaced, and fitted with new points, premium condenser and premium rotor. New distributor cap, wires and plugs were fitted, along with a new oil flex line. The water pump is new. The front brake calipers and hoses were replaced with new parts. The master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder and flex hose were replaced with new parts. The rear brakes are still to do, but the rear lines are blocked off temporarily so the front brakes stop the car and allows it to be yard-driven. New rear brake parts are included to make the job easier.

As to the body, the chassis is excellent, in solid, rust-free original condition, with no repairs made. Some of the floorboard channels will need repair, but even these are far better than the average MGA project. The doors, boot and bonnet lids all fit well and the boot floor is solid and original. The inner sills, outer sills, inner fender lower repair panels and other new sheetmetal parts have been primed and installed with sheetmetal screws, ready for final adjustment and welding by the new owner. New repair panels for the fenders are included, although some of the fenders are original and need no repairs in this area. The front of the bodywork is straight and solid and the panel behind the grille is flat and sound, showing no sign of collision damage. The same is true of the rear end of the car.

The car is fitted with wire wheels and the sale includes a spare wheel and tire. A pair of used side curtains will be supplied. It is a complete car, with no missing parts. We are a supplier of new and original MGA parts, so if anything is missing, we will include those parts as part of the deal.

The pictures tell much of the story, but we invite any inspection of the car. We have an original key and the car will be sold with a clean New Hampshire title.

This is what is commonly referred to as an "easy restoration." While we will stress that any restoration will be challenging, most of the hard work has been done on this decent, original car, and the availability of new and secondhand parts for MGAs, while a vast network of MGA enthusiasts who will help with details of how to do the restoration, make this a very attractive project.

We love MGAs and have owned a 1600 roadster since 1979. Advice on this one will be free, and any new parts from Moss Motors will be 12 percent off the Moss list price if purchased through us.

We will help load the car onto a trailer or flatbed and we may deliver within the northeastern United States, depending on how busy the shop is.

Call us if you'd like any details.

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