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This is a great project consisting of two Jaguar Mark 2 cars with the late type manual overdrive gearbox and wire wheels. The 3.8 body is extremely solid, with new front fenders, sills, jacking points, floor repairs and lots of other metalwork that was done properly, although the inner sills were not replaced and must be done, along with some work to the rear spring hangers. These are not badly rusted but they will need some reinforcing. A new pair comes with the project. The body looks good, with good shut lines on the doors, bonnet and boot lid. The doors were all replaced with clean, rust-free units (they might have been new? Not sure). The bonnet and boot lid are rust-free and straight. There are no dents or evidence of major accident damage. This is a more-or-less bare body, rolling with wire wheels, suspension and limited slip Powr-Lok rear axle but no interior, engine or transmission.

The second car is a very rusty but complete donor car. It is a rare 1968 340, right-hand drive with solid wheels and the very desirable all-synchromesh overdrive manual gearbox. It is complete with good glass, decent beige interior, restorable interior woodwork, all mechanicals components present and restorable or usable as-is. The engine is a 3.4 litre, but if the buyer prefers, we will supply a rebuildable 3.8 litre engine at no cost. This car is complete.

With the solid body, wire wheels, all synchro OD gearbox, and Powr-Lok rear axle, this project can be made into the near-ultimate specification Mark 2. The only options missing from this deal are a sunroof and reclining seats. If the buyer wants, we have a pair of reclining seat frames for $300 and a roof section from a Mark 2 Jaguar with Webasto sunroof for $400. The car comes with a greasy original shop manual and an owner's handbook. We will include a decent LHD dashboard with the deal and a good spare wire wheel.

We invite any inspection of the two cars included in this auction.

We can supply all new parts to rebuild this car, as well as virtually any part for a Mark 2 or other classic Jaguar, including tools, manuals, jacks, accessory lamps, chrome, rubber seals, everything the Mark 2 enthusiast could want!

A clear title is included with VIN tag. We might delivery in the Northeast for expenses, or we can arrange for your shipper to collect the cars. We will assist in loading.