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This is a very unusual Raleigh bicycle. It's a Superbe, yet it does not have the locking fork or brazed-on pump pegs that all Superbes are supposed to have. We bought it missing a number of parts, yet it is in very close to mint condition. The paint, decals and chrome are all excellent, with only very minor scratches. The Brooks B72 leather saddle is mellowed with age but very nice and certainly comfortable. Dare grips and Dunlop Sprite tires are original and in excellent condition. This bicycle looks great and rides well. It comes with a new reproduction saddlebag. Its only real fault is the maroon chainguard, which we installed because the original one was missing and we did not have a green Raleigh guard. We do have a Rudge guard in the correct color, but we opted not to use that because it does not have the brazed-on chainguard brackets in the front that Raleighs used. We can install that one, using its own brackets, if the owner wishes. Both the maroon guard on this mike and the Rudge guard are original, new old stock items.

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