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Thor 1-lb Copper Hammer, New
Retail: $40.00
Price: $36.00
Item #: RM00424 -

The correct 1-lb. copper hammers are still manufactured by Thor in England. These are the right tool for MGAs, TR3s, Morgans, and big Healeys.We also sell Thor 2-lb hammers, correct for Jaguars, and plywood and steel knock off wrenches to protect your shiny knock off spinners from denting when this fine hammer is applied; see Related Products below.

Thor 2-lb Knockoff Hammer, New
Retail: $59.00
Price: $53.00
Item #: RM00506 -

All Jaguars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970 with wire wheels came with a Thor 2-lb. copper and rawhide hammer for the wire wheel knockoffs. This is the correct one for an XK120, XK140, XK150, Mark I, Mark II, E-type, XKE, Mark VIII, Mark IX, Mark X, 240, 340, S-type 2.4 and 3.8, and most Daimlers.It's in new, perfect condition, 100 percent concours correct and made by the original manufacturer in England, exactly as original.We also have copper 1-lb hammers and plywood and steel knock off...

Tire Gauge, Jaguar, Rover, Original
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00477 -

This lovely little tyre gauge will fit your vintage Jaguar or Rover tool box or roll perfectly. It is a generic, unlabelled gauge, marked only MADE IN ENGLAND but it's the right size and shape for a Jag or Rover kit. It's also a lot less money than the correct gauge.This one is pretty much identical to a Dunlop 6J apart from the Dunlop logo. It's 4 1/2 inches long.We do sell Jaguar tyre gauges, both Dunlop 6 and 6J and the style with JAGUAR and the wings logo, in case you want one of those....

Tool Roll, Jaguar XK140, XK150, E-type/XKE, New Vinyl tool roll
Price: $89.00
Item #: RM01206 -

High quality reproduction of the original vinyl tool roll for your XK140, 150 or E-type. This is beautifully made, with the correct leather strap and buckle, and all the pockets properly sized, with correct off-white lining. Jaguar PN C5578.

Toolkit Adjustable Spanner, Jaguar E-type/XKE, New Jaguar E-Type XKE Adjustable Wrench
Price: $55.00
Item #: RM00500 -

Original spanners for factory Jaguar tool kits are rare and quite valuable. Here is a good, well-made replacement for the missing spanner from your E-Type or late-model Jaguar saloon. It is marked "JAGUAR," similar to the original, although the design is somewhat different. This is similar to the Bahco or Gedore style spanners used after about 1967. We can source you an original if you want, but it will be more expensive, sad to say.

Toolkit Feeler Gauge, XK Jaguar
Price: $38.00
Item #: RM01020 -

Nicely made reproduction feeler gauge for Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 and other Jaguars of the 1950s, including Mark IV, V, VII, VIII and IX.This tool is the correct shape for the toolkit of 1950s cars, correctly black finished with the feeler sizes stamped on the housing.This is very similar to the tool used in Alvis and probably other quality British cars of the 1950s.

Toolkit Pliers, Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, TR250, Original
Price: $30.00
Item #: RM00485 -

We were lucky enough to obtain a small collection of genuine Triumph toolkit tools in England last year. This set of pliers is correct for most TRs, correctly marked with TW and MADE IN ENGLAND. They are in very good condition, repainted with genuine British paint, although there are a few scratches. We also have some open-end Superslim spanners, adjustable spanners, tyre valve tools, tyre irons, and Lucas distributor tools for these cars. Please contact us for details.

Toolkit, 3-piece Screwdriver, Jaguar, New
Price: $45.00
Item #: RM00394 -

This is a brand new reproduction Jaguar three-piece screwdriver, nicely made and correctly marked JAGUAR on the handle. It's the right one for E-type, XKE, Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark VIII and IX, S-type, and XK140 and XK150. These cars originally came with this type screwdriver as part of the toolkit, but most have long been lost. They have not been made for a long time. This is the same screwdriver that is being sold by other suppliers, only cheaper.

Toolkit, Garringtons Adjustable Spanner, Jaguar, New
Price: $75.00
Item #: RM00466 -

These are really well made reproductions of the correct 1950s Garringtons spanners, as used in Jaguar XK120, XK140, Mark VII, VIII and possibly other Jaguars. They are made to the original specifications, nicely done and show quality. They will fit the toolbox of a Mark I or 2, Mark IX or X, or S-type, although the correct spanner for those cars is a little different. We do carry a later style toolkit spanner for late model E-Types on this website.

Volvo 122/1800 Bahco Fishjaw Adjustable Spanner
Price: $50.00
Item #: RM01125 -

An excellent example of the factory Volvo Bahco "fishjaw" type adjustable wrench, as fitted to the tool kits of Volvo 122S, 121, 123GT, P1800, 1800S, 1800E and 1800ES cars of the 1960s and 1970s.It is clean and marked "VOLVO."

Volvo Amazon, 1800 Fish Jaw Toolkit Wrench, Original
Price: $55.00

Volvo BAHCO “Fish Jaw” adjustable wrench, 122S Amazon P1800 1800ES tool kit Excellent original wrench from the tool kit of a vintage Volvo Amazon (121, 122S, 123GT), P1800, 1800S, 1800ES or 1800E. This is a very clean tool, good working condition. Thanks for looking and please contact us for any other vintage Volvo needs you may have. We have huge inventory of parts for Amazons and 1800s.

Wheelbrace Lugwrench Starting Handle, Morris Minor, Original
Price: $50.00
Item #: RM00487 -

This is a nice repainted, straight lug wrench or wheelbrace/ starting handle for a Morris Minor. I believe it will work with any year Morris Minor. It's in excellent shape.