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Lucas FT8 Square 8 Foglamp Pair, MGB; Shelby Mustang; Triumph TR6, ENGLAND, Original fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $395.00
Item #: E16.1008 -

These are the fog lamps that were fitted to Shelby Mustangs, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows and Bentley T1s, Rover 2000 and 3500S, Aston Martins, Jaguar 420 and XJ6 and XJ12, and many other quality cars of the late 1960s and 1970s. They fit perfectly and look great on cars with wide, short grilles, like MGB and Midget and Triumph TR4, TR250 and TR6.This pair is sound with excellent chrome and only very tiny dents. They are in extemely lovely, original condition. The glass and reflectors are in...

Lucas L494 Reverse Lamp Lens, New
Price: $12.00
Item #: RM00710 -

This is a reproduction of the beautiful Lucas L494 reverse lamp lens. It is a plain lens without any lettering in the center.The lenses correctly say "MADE IN ENGLAND" at the bottom, although the letter G in the word ENGLAND is illegible on some lenses.

Lucas L494 Reverse Lamp Lens, NOS
Price: $25.00
Item #: RM00722 -

We have a limited supply of new old stock (NOS) Lucas L494 lenses for the excellent L494 reversing lamp. Note there are 2 styles, the older style with a waffle pattern in the glass (third photo, $10 more), and the newer style with vertical ridges in the glass (first two photos). Please indicate your preference.The packaging may vary from what you see in the picture, but it's all original and genuine British-made, from many years ago.We have a few complete lamps in stock as well, secondhand and...

Lucas LR6 Yellow Driving/Spotlamp Pair, NOS driving lamp, driving light, spot lamp
Price: $395.00
Item #: NOSB LR6 Pr -

These beautiful and rare lamps are perfect original Lucas LR6 Silver Lance Long-Range driving lights. They are very rare in NOS condition, but REALLY rare with yellow glass. This pair comes with a pair of tatty boxes but they are complete with wiring, switch, original display box, instructions, even the original display tag. Lamps like these were commonly used on Austin-Healeys, Triumph TR2-3-4-5-250, MGA, MGB, Magnette, MG TD and TF, and so many other British cars. ...

Lucas LR8 Square 8 Foglamp Pair, MG Midget, MGB; Rolls-Royce; Shelby Mustang; Triumph TR6, NOS fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $450.00
Item #: RM00705 -

Lucas Square 8 foglamps are rare, especially NOS lamps with YELLOW lenses. They are in perfect, unmarked condition but with no original packaging remaining. We have a set of original NOS plastic covers to fit these lamps if you are interested.This pair does not have pedestals on the bottom. We are told they are for a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, so perhaps the odd brackets on the bottoms are for these cars (we are not R-R specialists).These are the lamps that were fitted to Shelby Mustangs,...

Lucas PS7 31434 SPB104 Push-Pull Switch, New driving lamp, driving light, fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $25.00
Item #: SPB104 -

This is a brand new genuine Lucas PS7 switch, pull on, push off in the updated green and white packaging. There is no lettering on the knob, but we can supply new knobs with "F," "P," "L" or "W"; please inquire.The PS7 switch was used on MGAs, MGB (map light), MG TD and TF, Morris Minor, Austin, Morris, Mini, Triumph TR3, and a great many other British cars of the 1950s and 1960s.It is an excellent switch choice for use with spot/driving or fog lamps.We also stock a variety of new old stock...

Lucas SFT576 Driving/Spotlamp Pair, Refurbished Original  driving lamp, driving light, spot lamp
Price: $345.00
Item #: Ardley SFT576 -

BACK IN STOCK! SUPPLIES VERY LIMITED!This is an excellent show quality refurbished original pair of Lucas SFT576 spot/driving lamps with excellent rechromed backs, refurbished reflectors with new old stock (NOS) glass lenses and new or resilvered reflectors. Lucas SLR576 fog lamps were a very popular accessory lamp in the 1950s and 1960s. A great many manufacturers, including Jaguar, Austin, Morris, Rolls-Royce, Bristol, Alvis, Triumph, MG, and many others offered these lamps or the fog...

Lucas SFT576 Foglamp Lens-Reflector Unit, Refurbished Original fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $105.00
Item #: RM00706 -

This is a show quality lens replacement unit for the Lucas SFT576 Pathfinder foglamp, with new old stock (NOS) Lucas glass, re-silvered reflector, and a brand new chrome nipple. It is correct in every detail. We also offer a reproduction replacement lens unit that is a more economical alternative, as well as bulbs, bulb holders and complete new or original lamps; see Related Products below.

Lucas SFT576 Foglamp Pair, NOS
Price: $550.00
Item #: RM01202 -

This is a are set of new old stock original Lucas SFT576 fog lamps. They are in very close to perfect condition, absolutely gorgeous with near-perfect chrome, perfect glass and reflectors, all brand new and unused. One lens still has its original bulb sticker in place.These lamps are very hard to find in this condition.Their only flaws, as far as we can find, are that the bodies are marked SLR576 while the lenses are SFT576 fog type; and there is one tiny scratch on the back of one lamp, small...

Lucas SFT700 Foglamp Pair, New fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $325.00
Item #: RM00729 -

These gorgeous 7-inch foglamps were fitted at the Jaguar factory as a special option to XK120 and Mark V cars. They were also available from BMC for Austin-Healey 100-4, and, I think, to some Bentleys, Sunbeam Alpine, Jensens, Rovers, and as accessory lamps to many cars. They were a popular rallying accessory, and were on many cars which competed in the Monte Carlo rally.We have a very limited stock of beautifully made new Lucas reproductions and throw a powerful beam. These lamps are correct...

Lucas SFT700S Foglamp Pair, Original fog lamp, foglight, fog light
Price: $195.00
Item #: RM00719 -

This is a decent pair of early style (flat glass) SFT700S foglamps, as used on Austin-Healey 100, Jaguar XK120 and Mark V, Bristol, Bentley and other British cars in the 1950s and 1960s. The lenses are excellent, reflectors good (one is getting a little brassy, hence the yellowish color, although the camera makes everything look more yellow than it really is, so the effect is not as pronounced as it appears). The chrome is in pretty good shape considering the age of these lamps, but there are...

Lucas SLR700 Driving/Spotlamp Pair, Excellent Original driving lamp, driving light, spot lamp
Price: $475.00
Item #: SLR700SB17 -

These lovely 7-inch driving and spotlamps were used on many British cars during the late 1940s and 1950s, including Jaguar XK120, Bristol, Bentley, and others. They were also popular aftermarket accessories and fitted to many racing and rally cars, including Mini Coopers.This is a scarce original pair in excellent condition. The chrome backs are superb, with one or two very small flaws. The reflectors are glass are excellent, with a few small spot on the reflectors but no corrosion. Overall,...