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Leaping Cat Mascot, Jaguar Mark VII, VIII, IX, I, II, 3.8S Mark II, large, New
Price: $65.00
Item #: RM00451 -

This is a brand new, nicely-made reproduction bonnet mascot, correct for Jaguar saloons made between about 1950 and 1968, including Mark I, II (2), 3.4S, 3.8S, Mark VII, VIII, and IX. These large ( a little under 8 inches long) mascots were often fitted to XK120, XK140 and XK150 cars, usually by the dealer when they were new.This one is very nicely made, with good detailing and flawless chrome.

Rear Bumper Guards/Overriders, Triumph TR4, TR250, Original
Price: $85.00
Item #: RM00604 -

This is a decent used pair of rear bumper overriders from a Triumph TR4. They will fit a TR4A or TR250.They are in good sound condition, with fairly shiny chrome and no major dents. The threads in the mounting holes are in good condition.

Rear Fender Wing Badge, Triumph TR250, Original
Price: $28.00
Item #: RM00439 -

Here's a good secondhand rear fender badge from a Triumph TR250. It is in very good condition. Both mounting studs are fine.

Rear License Plate Bracket, Jaguar XK120, #X101A, New
Price: $215.00
Item #: RM00909 -

18 gauge steel, formed, punched and welded. Captive nuts and light bracket. (Factory part: 'Number Plate Bracket' #BD4256 or #BD5645).

Rear License Plate Bracket, Jaguar XK140, #X101B, New
Price: $165.00
Item #: RM00908 -

18 gauge steel, formed, punched and welded. Welded brackets and captive nuts.Factory part: 'Number Plate Bracket' #BD9932Chrome finisher is available by special order for approx. $60 (check for latest price)

Upper Pillar Repair with Top Bracket Pair, Jaguar XK120, XK140 DHC, #X116, New
Price: $225.00
Item #: RM00607 -

18/20 gauge formed and welded, 16 gauge bracket, with birch ply insert. Pair left and right.

Valance Bracket Pair, Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150, #X108, New valence
Price: $22.00
Item #: RM00609 -

A PAIR of small slotted, angled brackets, attaching plinth to bumper, or front valance or battery box extension to chassis. Fits all models.

Wings Bonnet Badge, Mark II, III, IV Austin-Healey Sprite, New
Retail: $35.00
Price: $32.00
Item #: RM00446 -

These are back-ordered until sometime in May 2018.This is a nicely-made reproduction Austin-Healey Sprite bonnet badge for all post-Bugeye cars, Mark II, III and IV, 1961-69.